“Winnies” for El Salvador — Is This a Way You Could Help?

WinnieDollFamWhen God is in it, He’s in the details, too. Gotta love that! So, here’s the story about these Winnie dolls. I’m truly amazed at the stories I already have to tell. There are 20+ other women who will all have their own stories of preparation for this trip. How many ways will all of us and ALL of you be blessings in the live of these children?

While having lunch with a friend and sharing about the adventure that lies ahead, God lays it on Renee’s heart to ask if we could use the Winnie dolls she makes, for any of the smaller children. Of course, we can. We will be visiting a Child Survival Program (CSP) one day of our trip. These centers are focused on mom’s with very small children, helping them to learn better skills for taking care of their children’s needs and for encouraging them in their lives and faith as well. Most of the CSP’s serve 30-70 children. My friend knows God laid this on her heart, she knows she’ll be busy until September, and she also knows God will see the project through to completion.

Renee’ has made these dolls for the Church Health Center for a number of years. She prays over each child as she knits these sweet little Winnies. I suggested we would both pray, and we would pray that the number might be a little smaller. Well, that was my small mind thinking – LOL! It will be awhile until we know the number, but I’m sure it was the Holy Spirit that whispered to me this morning to share this part of the story too. There may be some of you who would love to help.

Here’s what Renee needs most. The lighter brown skin color of yarn you see in the photo, and lots and lots of stuffing. She can use full or partial bags of fluffy fiber fill stuffing or even old pillows. The dolls themselves take small amounts of the colorful yarns, so end of a skein little balls are perfect for this — BRIGHT COLORS PLEASE!

Are you a knitter? Is the Holy Spirit moving in your heart to join her in knitting some of them, too? Dividing the project lightens the task for all; sharing the task multiplies the joy. You and the children will be blessed!

I am so thankful for each of you that is sharing in whatever way. God is doing awesome things!!!

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