What is Compassion All About?

Lots of questions surrounding my upcoming El Salvador mission adventure have focused on who exactly is Compassion International, and what exactly do they do. The best way I know to share that with you (short of coming back with amazing stories and testimonies) is to send you on your own virtual journey to Compassion’s website.  You’ll learn there that three of the things that really set Compassion apart are the 3 C’s: Christ Centered, Child Focused, Church Based. Those were so important to me when I first chose to sponsor Rocio several years ago.

When you arrive on the Compassion site, a new feature you will discover is videos of the waiting children. I’ve almost been tempted to say yes to a couple more of these children. They are just so precious. For today anyway, I’m focusing on those I already sponsor and eagerly anticipating meeting two of them in a few months. Have you considered sponsoring a child yourself? Read on — there’s a beautiful opportunity available!

There are 128 children waiting for sponsors at the new child development center where we will be helping while we are there. Our group has committed to finding sponsors for all of them. These children are not available online. They are only available through our group. With the Holy Spirit planting the desire in hearts of my friends, I’ve already personally seen four of these children find sponsors. I currently have 3 child packets available, and there are more where those came from. Wendy (pictured) is one of those needing a sponsor. GREAT ADVANTAGE: If you sponsor one of the children at Casa de Pan (House of Bread) in El Salvador, I’ll be meeting your child, I’ll be able to take a goodie bag to your child, and bring you photos/video of your child.

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