Wendy Needs Your Love, Prayers, & Support – Will You Be her Sponsor?

WendyWhat plan does God have for your life? What plan does God have for the lives of the children served by Compassion in El Salvador? These children are definitely among the least of these. They are also lives where God is choosing to work. Does His plan for them include you?

Our Compassion Advocate Group is committed to finding sponsors for ALL 128 children at Casa de Pan, a new project in El Salvador. These children (like all Compassion children) are enrolled with the expectation of a 1:1 sponsor.  Our group will be worshiping with them, and we would love to celebrate with them that ALL of their children have sponsors. Seven of those children have been entrusted to me to locate a sponsor. Six of them now do! Thank you to those who have stepped up to that responsibility. Wendy is still waiting, though.

Once enrolled the children receive the benefits of meals, healthcare, tutoring, encouragement to stay in school, and learning how much Jesus loves them. Prior to sponsorship, these children are supported in the program through the unsponsored children’s fund, meant to be a temporary arrangement until the child has a sponsor. Their sponsor is someone who chooses to support them, love them, and pray for them and their family. The children receive your cherished cards and letters with eager anticipation. They treasure the photos that you send. And they pray for you and write to you, as well. (Your financial contribution makes the ungoing work of Compassion possible.)

You’ve met Wendy on this blog before. Today you’ll learn a little more about Wendy. She will be 6 years old on Augsut 31, and already helps her mom and dad by gathering firewood, carrying water, and running errands. She has one sibling. Like many little girls, Wendy enjoys playing house, playing with dolls, and art. Wendy also regularly attends church activities and Bible class.

Now I’m wondering, “What plan does God have for Wendy’s life?” We know she’s learning about Jesus and  receiving the other benefits provided through Compassion. Then there’s the “but”….. But, she has no sponsor. In God’s economy she’s not the one left out. She’s the one still waiting on the sponsor God has chosen especially for her. I’m convinced it’s all part of God’s plan for Wendy’s life. Are you the one? Is sponsoring Wendy part of God’s plan for your life? (I may be reached for more information on sponsoring Wendy, through the email link on the homepage of this blog.)

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25:40 (NIV)

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