Water Drop Necklaces Help Provide Clean Drinking Water in Developing Countries

compassion-water-drop-necklace-web“Have you tasted the water? Is it good?” As our family often moved from one community to another during my childhood, one of the first thoughts we had was if the water tasted good. Sometimes it was really awful. Other places the water was much better like it is here in the Memphis area, well-known for it’s “sweetest in the world” drinking water.

That is the view of a man who knows – Dr. Jerry L. Anderson, Director of the Ground Water Institute at the University of Memphis and a nationally known expert in the field. Memphis has the “sweetest, most wonderful tasting water in the world,” he said, in part because of the presence of so few minerals that the water can be used with little treatment when it is withdrawn from underground.

“That means we have water that is not only really palatable to the taste but also inexpensive to deliver to customers,” he said, speaking specifically of water drawn through wells from a layer of quartz granules known as “the Memphis sands.”*

Yes, Memphis has great water, but no matter where we lived, we never thought of the water as unsafe for drinking. In developing countries the truth is far different. Over 4,000 children are dying of water related diseases like cholera and typhoid everyday. Many more routinely suffer from diarrhea and acute stomach pains, keeping them from attending school regularly. With proper and inexpensive tools, this is easily preventable.

Compassion International’s Safe Water for Life program offers a solution. The systems provided mean a lifetime of clean water (1,000,000 gallons) for the family, sanitation and hygiene education, and community support for water and sanitation projects. Each kit includes a complete safe water system including two buckets, a filter, hose, international delivery, and training on how to maintain the system so it provides a lifetime of safe water, and carries a price tag of $79. For families in developing countries, $79 might as well be a million bucks. So how does Compassion make this happen?

Here’s where you can help. Your donation of $79 provides a child and family with the water system that will change their lives for a lifetime. You may click here to do that. Another beautiful way to help is pictured above. A full 50% of the proceeds from the sale of these hand stamped necklaces (and keyrings) is being given to Compassion’s Water for Life program. You may click on the photo or visit The Vintage Pearl right now to order yours. Both pieces fittingly carry the Scripture reference, Matthew 19:14 — But Jesus said, “Let the little children alone and do not hinder them from coming to Me, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such a these.”

*Quoted from WaterWorld website

Water information about developing countries is from Compassion’s website

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