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CELEBRATE! in 2016

Sponsoring Compassion kids is huge to me. Meeting them in person during my time here on planet Earth was certainly only a wild dream. In 2015 God had other plans, and by His gracious provision I met two of them in El Salvador in September. Compassion’s mission is “releasing children from poverty in Jesus name.” […]

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Jesus Came to Set Us Free

  It’s been a time of God-incedences. The power of the Holy Spirit that lives within me makes it much too difficult to see these things as mere co-incidences. These words of Jesus were my focus during a Bible study lesson several days ago: “The Spirit of The Lord is on Me, because He has […]

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Her Beautiful Redemption Story

We first saw her as these precious women of the Child Survival Program shared a drama with us. We met her again in the cosmetology classroom giving another mom a fresh new do. When time for our lunch/home visits, she had invited us into her home. This is where we learned much more about this […]

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Lend to the Lord – Reap Amazing Rewards

One of the most amazing things God did prior to this trip was lead me to connect 11 precious children at Compassion’s Casa de Pan child development center with their sponsors. Even more amazing were the blessings of looking all but one (sadly, he didn’t make it to church that morning) of those children in […]

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“Joy” for the Journey

So many neat little pieces have fit perfectly into the puzzle, and somehow into my luggage as well. (But that’s another story.) As I’m reminded yet again that this journey is a place God has chosen for me to be, allow me to share yet another little story In preparation for (and anticipation of) some […]

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Not Even a Mouse (or a Compassion Child) Slips through the Cracks

God’s love is meteoric, his loyalty astronomic, His purpose titanic, his verdicts oceanic. Yet in his largeness nothing gets lost; Not a man, not a mouse, (not a sponsored Compassion child) slips through the cracks. —Psalm 36:5-6, The Message Bible “This experience will probably be different than anything you’re expecting.” Seasoned mission trippers have made […]

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From Whole Grains to Cinnamon Bread

I’ve been so encouraged by all of you that are enjoying the breads, and also helping me in this way to reach my monetary goals for this trip. It occurred to me that it might be kinda cool to show the grain before it’s milled and the flour after it’s gone through my Nutri Grain […]

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What is Compassion All About?

Lots of questions surrounding my upcoming El Salvador mission adventure have focused on who exactly is Compassion International, and what exactly do they do. The best way I know to share that with you (short of coming back with amazing stories and testimonies) is to send you on your own virtual journey to Compassion’s website.  […]

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