Nothing Surprises God – Not Even this Journal

Nothing Surprised GodGod found my friend a specific car to rent for an upcoming trip just so she could crochet Winnie dolls along the drive. As she shared what she thought was sort of a silly God-in-even-the-little-stuff story, it was quickly evident that this was big stuff, too. While it surprised her to discover even this had something to do with the children in El Salvador, NOTHING SURPRISES GOD. Let me elaborate.

She and I had both been praying that the travel portion of my trip would be fully funded by the payment due date, July 14th. We were both fully confident in His ability to make that happen. Of course, we were surprised that it happened a full 3 weeks (+ a couple days) early. NOTHING SUPRISES GOD. We marveled in how much God must love those children in El Salvador. The last dollars provided for my travel were a specific amount to ensure that I would not have to be concerned about that portion. My continued fundraising efforts would directly benefit Compassion’s ministry to the children in El Salvador. That’s when she shared a cool little story that she felt was not nearly as significant as this one. Here it is.

They usually take my friend’s car when they travel, and she drives. Her husband is looking at new cars, and my friend suggested they rent the one he was looking at for an upcoming road trip. She called everywhere in the city and none would be available. She prayed asking God to provide one, and eventually decided it was best to make a compromise to rent it for a few days around town when they returned. She called to schedule that, and to everyone’s amazement, the vehicle they wanted had become available for their trip. My friend knew the nice surprise was an answer from God about a “little thing”. She also knows NOTHING SURPRISES GOD. Turned out it wasn’t such a “little thing”. She had been gathering supplies to crochet Winnie dolls along the way, because she would not be driving. God even provided the vehicle of choice and the time for her to crochet Winnie dolls because of how much He loves the children in El Salvador. NOTHING SURPRISES GOD

I mentioned in our conversation I was going out to purchase a journal to begin keeping track of these amazing “surprises”. Was it any surprise then that the one I found is pictured above. NOTHING SURPRISES GOD

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