“My Favorite Name to Be Called is Fabi!”

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender(1)Fabiola? Michelle? Or……? That was the question as I chose the coordinated fabrics to create some fun (and personalized) totes/backpacks for the girls I sponsor in El Salvador. It was a rather intimidating thought to put a name on the child’s bag that the child didn’t even use…. So, here’s the story — and, of course, NOTHING SURPRISES GOD!

In early June I combed my way through every letter my girls had sent over the years looking for hints like favorite colors, favorite sports, and things like that as I gathered a few gift items for each of them. There it was just as I had remembered.

One single solitary letter where Fabiola said she preferred to be called Michelle, and she signed her letter, “Michelle”. It never happened again. I kept writing to Fabiola, and Fabiola continued to respond. So which name did she prefer, and that would be the name that I would embroider on that bag.

A field request was made, realizing we may be in El Salvador before I heard back. Then a week ago here comes a letter from Fabiola sharing some of her “favorite things”. The first favorite thing was her favorite name to be called is “Fabi”. Delightedly thanking God for this precious nugget of information, I stitched the bag with the name Fabi. (And the other little girl, Rocio’s bag with the name Rocio.)

Fabi’s letter was written June 16th. It could have been her project received the request before letters were being written — or was it a God-incidence? I’m believing the second. Yesterday I received a letter from Rocio on the same stationery (dated June 18th) that encouraged them to write about their “favorite things”. The first favorite thing was her favorite name to be called is “Rocio”. I had guessed that, but I have to believe this was the letter writing assignment for the month in El Salvador. What perfect timing — God timing!  And NOTHING SURPRISES GOD!!!

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