Loaves of Homemade Bread Stepping Stones on Path to “The House of Bread”

FullSizeRenderA few simple words from the initial invitation to participate in this Compassion International mission leapt off the page:
“. . .we will have the opportunity to be the first to advocate for children at a brand new center: “Casa de Pan” or “House of Bread.” Jesus is the bread of life, nourishing us but also broken for us so that we can be whole in Him – and this church partner has been praying for God to provide sponsors for the holistic development of these children. We are blessed to include this project on the trip, meet the children we advocated for, and bring encouragement to the pastors and workers!”

We all know it takes resources to make a trip like this one a reality. Since my God owns all the cattle on a thousand hills (and all the wheat fields, too), I’m confident of His provision for this trip. Making bread for our family from freshly milled grain (that wheat God owns) is a regular event in our home. You can imagine how the words “House of Bread” impacted me as I began to contemplate the real ways in which the real dollars for the trip will come. I’m counting on God for some amazing surprises in this part of the plans, but I’m also baking bread as one means of that provision.

The photo above is six loaves of yummy organic freshly milled whole grain cinnamon bread. My Sunday morning experiment with Lemon Nut Bread to share with our Sunday School Class was a hit, too! So, that and Banana Nut Bread will also be available. These last two will be traditional recipes (no fresh milled flour in them). Simply because of the labor intensiveness of this, limited quantities will be available each week. Please contact me for more info (lynn@gosharehislove.com) or follow my Facebook page for updates when the loaves are ready. Seems our home will be a “House of Bread” too for the next several weeks. Loving it!

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