Lend to the Lord – Reap Amazing Rewards

DSC_0158DSC_0170One of the most amazing things God did prior to this trip was lead me to connect 11 precious children at Compassion’s Casa de Pan child development center with their sponsors. Even more amazing were the blessings of looking all but one (sadly, he didn’t make it to church that morning) of those children in the eyes and expressing to them the love their sponsors sent — along with, of course, a fun gift for each child. DSC_0164Each child was beautiful, each belonged to God, they all shared hugs, and the last sweet little girl even gave me a kiss right on the lips. Wish that kiss had been captured on film, but grateful we have photos of each of these children. Those photos made it real to their sponsors back home. Our presence made sponsorship really real to these children.

Pastor Carlos, pastor of Eternal Rock of Ages Church – partnership church of Casa de Pan Compassion center – shared that his prepared sermon was interrupted by God in the wee hours of that Sunday morning to use this text for the day instead.

Proverbs 19:17: Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done.

Others have mentioned this in their blogs already. I was still pondering it all. Have you ever thought about the kindnesses you share with the poor being a loan to the Lord? Everything we have is His already, isn’t it? How do we make a loan to God? But here in Proverbs, Scripture clearly tells us our kindness to the poor equals lending to the Lord. What’s more, we will be rewarded for it.

Perhaps if you’ve considered sponsoring a child you’ve wondered, “what’s in it for me?” Here’s just the beginning.


The moment Rocio and I met for the very first time.

*You’re loved unconditionally and prayed for by name by a child, his parents, and a Compassion staff that may never meet you this side of Heaven. They care that much about you!!!
*You’re able to build a real relationship with someone in a whole other culture.
*As you build that relationship, you have the opportunity to learn all about that culture and their country, expanding your world.
*You have the opportunity to fulfill Christ’s great commission to all believers: to go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel. Yes, this happens through your sponsorship dollars, but it happens even more through the letters and encouragement you send.
*Photos of you and your family, and every letter and card you send are among the children (and their family’s) most prized and valued possessions.
*You’ll have the opportunity to make a difference for real people with real challenges made even more difficult because of extreme poverty. (By the way, they wonder, too, if you’re real and why you would even choose to do this for them?)
*Making this a family ministry makes it even more special while providing many lessons for you and your children and/or granchildren.
*When God sends you to meet the child(ren) you sponsor, you will know just how real it all is, and you will be amazed at their joy to meet you and the love they will lavish upon you.

Yes, there are many rewards for lending to the Lord by our kindness to the poor. I would love to help you to become a sponsor today. Just click here to sponsor a child today.

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