“Joy” for the Journey

<imgsrc="joy-balloons.jpg"alt="JoyBalloons"/>So many neat little pieces have fit perfectly into the puzzle, and somehow into my luggage as well. (But that’s another story.) As I’m reminded yet again that this journey is a place God has chosen for me to be, allow me to share yet another little story

In preparation for (and anticipation of) some really muggy days in El Salvador without the spoiled luxury of AC, I found myself in Target investigating clothing options. I’m not a runner, just a casual biker — so, ‘dri-fit’ hasn’t been a part of my wardrobe. I was checking out the value of ‘dri-fit’ when I met a woman (at least as old as myself) who had made the decision to become serious about exercise. This led to a discussion of ‘dri-fit’ for which neither of us was much of an authority. We moved on to other topics, and while I made a new friend, I also learned in that conversation with Joyce that she sponsors a child through Compassion International.

Joyce isn’t much of a computer person, and finds it challenging to come up with ideas for letters to her girl. I couldn’t help advocating for that young lady to receive more mail, sharing just how important this aspect is to the children in the program. Several ideas later, Joyce was ready to write more letters and offering to keep my upcoming experience in her prayers. After sharing my prayer card, we parted with ‘dri-fit’, at least for my part, forgotten for the moment. That wasn’t the end of God’s story though, and we know NOTHING SURPRISES GOD!

Fast forward a couple of weeks, my daughter and I are just finishing our lunch in a local sandwich shop, when someone calls my name. I look up to see Joyce — she wanted me to know she was writing to her girl, and truly praying for our trip. What a blessing, and what an unexpected splash of “Joy” (that’s what I had remembered her name to be, too) from Joyce this week! (I wish my thinker had been quick enough to have my daughter snap a pic of the two of us…. alas, colorful “JOYFUL” balloons will have to do.)

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