How Much of this $40 Billion Is in Your Pocket?

COMPAS_001680_05_r1social_ch-11-609x609It’s happened in our family! How about in yours? Someone is gifted one of those special little cards loaded with spendable dollars at a favorite store or restaurant. In all the excitement of the event, the card ends up in the trash can. The error is realized after the trash man has made his rounds in your neighborhood.

That is a most upsetting and disappointing moment, to be sure. Equally as sad is receiving a gift card we know we won’t use. Maybe you have some of those. Maybe you have some that are partially used, and they’ve long ago found a home in a drawer somewhere.

HERE’s where it gets EXCITING! Find those cards. They can help rescue children from poverty. REALLY! Compassion has set up a new program called CardFunder. Your church or organization is able to order a CardFunder collection kit for these treasures. You ask everyone you know to go on a scavenger hunt of their home, office, purse, wallet, etc. to find those unused cards. This is a great way to get your children involved, too, as they ask grandparents, aunts, uncles, and others to join in. Just drop the cards in the CardFunder box and mail to Compassion. They will be turned into cash to help children like the ones pictured below.

The children in this photo do have caring sponsors. Your CardFunder efforts will help many who do not. For those who would like to sponsor a child, you will find many more on Compassion’s website. This is always a wonderful way to encourage and love on children who are so in need of someone special who cares about them! Click here or on the Compassion photo in the right column to see those that are awaiting sponsorship.

José Luis and his sister Marisol live near a large garbage dump in #Bolivia. They don’t have much, so they often make their own toys or go to the dump to look for them. Their childhood in #poverty hasn’t been easy, but these two make the most of everything with big #smiles on their faces! José Luis and Marisol attend our program at their local church three times a week. At the program, they receive meals, help with homework, and a safe place to play and learn. These two are a wonderful reminder that God can give #hope and #joy even in the midst of garbage.


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