From Whole Grains to Cinnamon Bread

I’ve been so encouraged by all of you that are enjoying the breads, and also helping me in this way to reach my monetary goals for this trip. It occurred to me that it might be kinda cool to show the grain before it’s milled and the flour after it’s gone through my Nutri Grain mill. With the additions of coconut oil and local honey (and a few other ingredients) it is on it’s way to being yummy Organic Whole Wheat Cinnamon Bread that looks like this.
So, there you have a little bigger picture about the bread. The Lemon Nut and Banana Nut breads are yummy too, but made from bleached flour.

All this bread truly is clearing the path to Casa de Pan (The House of Bread) in El Salvador and meeting my own sponsored children, too. Can’t wait!

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