Compassion Sponsorship: A Work of Art and Heart


imageMeet the artist, 12 year old Clarise Yvon Jonata from the Philippines. We’ve been loving on her for four years. When I say we, I include our two granddaughters who are always excited to write and send artwork to Clarise and our other sponsored Compassion children. When their letters arrive they can’t wait to get to Gramma’s house to read them. Imagine their surprise to find these portraits of themselves that arrived last week. Clarise had personalized them so much, not just with a greeting and words of affirmation to each one, but down to hair and eye color. Well, neither has pink hair (yet), but we’ll go with artistic license in turning a redhead into a pink head for the artwork. Who knows, they may have been the closest color to red she had available that day.

Our encouragements to her could never out give the encouragement she returns to us in every letter despite what may be happening in her life. Like this from her recent letter:

“Thank you, Emerson, for your drawing it was so beautiful and full of colors. I really feel the love when you draw it. I have also a best friend in school and knows how to draw like you and we’re friends since grade 3.”

Of course, that made Emerson feel very special.

The relationships we’ve built through Compassion sponsorship are definitely a work of heart, and often a work of art. They have provided an opportunity for us to share with our granddaughters in reaching out with loving acts of kindness, caring and compassion. They feel like they know these children, and love them like another sibling. To create this experience with your children or grandchildren, visit Compassion or click on the Compassion photo in the right column to find that very special child waiting for you.

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