Challenge to You: Be Blessed through Child Sponsorship


Yessica will be 5 yrs old Sept 7


Anderson will be 5 yrs old Sept 22


Jennifer will be 4 yrs old Sept 28


Jonathan will be 5 yrs old Nov 20

It’s amazing to me the people God entrusts to our care. Of course, it doesn’t surprise Him, and He knows just how He is going before us to direct the path and prepare hearts. Our group has committed to finding sponsors for all 128 children at Compassion’s new Casa de Pan student center in El Salvador. We will be helping to launch this project, and praying to celebrate with them that every child has a sponsor! God has already brought seven new sponsors for these children across my own path. Last week I was entrusted with four more children who still need sponsors. (I have more information on each of them.) I’m not sure how many are still waiting (total), but I just know Jesus has the perfect sponsor for each of them.

What does it mean to sponsor a child through Compassion International? (You can learn much by navigating their website. So, that’s a great place to begin.)

Compassion serves the poorest of the poor around the globe. The children in Compassion projects come from families in the lowest 2% (income wise) of the world’s population. Sponsoring one of these children is your opportunity to partner with Compassion on Christ-Centered, Church-Based, and Child-Focused hope to a specific child through prayer, letters of encouragement, monthly support ($38/month), and perhaps visiting them one day. I never thought that would happen for me, and it is!!! What God and these children will teach me through this experience is an unknown for me right now, but NOTHING SURPRISES GOD. I know He has a beautiful path planned for each of us when we step out in faith and obedience.

Walking the walk of faith is so much about relationships — relationships with God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and then sharing the love of that relationship with others. I’ve been so blessed by the relationships we’ve built and the faith and love of the children I sponsor.

Please accept the challenge to reach out to one of these princes and princesses of our King Jesus. In doing so you literally are living The Great Commission in Matthew 28 “….going into all the world and making disciples…”  And an added benefit to you: when you sponsor one of these children, I’ll be able to take a gift from you and bring you some special photo treasures, too. You might be surprised that you’re saying “yes” to sponsorship, but remember NOTHING SURPRISES GOD.

You’ve chosen to accept the challenge to sponsor a child… Awesome! Send me an email (lower right corner of the homepage), and I’ll be sure you get connected to one of these children.

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